Elastic Force Chi Kung (Qigong)

I teach the Elastic Force Chi Kung System.

OVERVIEW: Elastic Force Chi Kung (Qigong) teaches and develops the key skills required to work with energy, from the foundation and all the way up into non-dual light realms. It is unique amongst such systems for various reasons – elaborated below, and notably for its speed of student development: hours or days, not months or years.

ORIGIN: Sifu Mark Rasmus developed EFQ over three decades of teaching and practicing Internal Martial Arts and Western Esoteric science (Hermetics). After beginning taijiquan training with Chris Hennes, a masterful practitioner of Wuji skill, Rasmus soon noticed the similarities between martial energetics and those found in Hermetics. Energy, after all, follows the same rules no matter how it is described.

PURPOSE: Initially the focus was on teaching students of internal martial arts. It soon became clear that students who engage hermetic studies with this EFQ foundation developed much faster and had better results. Thirty years on the system has been formalized to be taught to marital artists and those pursuing esoteric disciplines like healing, manifesting arts or spiritual development. The unique approaches to certain exercises are then clarified to be practiced according to the student’s discipline.

SCOPE: EFQ teaches universal energy skills and theory via practice to engage energy in all five energy realms or levels:

  1. Jin, Physical & Vital energy
  2. Qi, Astral energy
  3. Shen, Mind/Spirit energy
  4. Wuji/Emptiness,  Aetheric/Akashic work
  5. Light, Non-dual light energy

This is why it has such a wide scope of application; From Martial arts to healing, meditation and spiritual development. You the student decide.

UNIQUE ATTRIBUTES: Certain aspects of the Elastic Force system set it apart from traditional and even modern models and approaches. These form the key benefits to the system and are embedded in its teaching and theoretical framework:

    • Efficiency : Growth and results begin on day one and this growth rate can be maintained and increased. Learning the system takes a fifty-hour workshop with a teacher with transmission skills. This speed and efficiency results from understanding exactly HOW;
    • Understanding. EFQ teaches energy skills though precise understanding of how-to. How is broken into precise steps so that learning and practice is effective and efficient. Understanding HOW is important because the second you do it right it works. It doesn’t require years or decades to learn these skills. Developing some of them to a high level can take time, and with the understanding of how to do so students can begin that mastery process straight away. This enables;
    • Self-Learning: Training correctly brings growth. You know how to measure results, how to make corrections and continue growing – by yourself. At home, without a teacher.
    • Terminology : Terminology and frameworks are aligned across Far-Eastern, Vedic and Western systems, making it easier and more intuitive to conceptualize, especially for Westerners. This also makes skills;
    • Transportable: applicable for any esoteric, energy or consciousness system. Yoga, meditation, prayer, sports, cooking, public speaking, gardening, studying, watching movies … Almost anything can be improved with these skills. The goal is to learn and then apply skills in many disciplines, not just in a qigong or yoga class, or while meditating.
    • No Forms: EFQ has no forms, only practices and drills for skills. Some practices apply various skills together. Examples are; How to feel energy. How to increase that sensitivity to types of energy and their unique states. Then, how to manage energy; How to build, release, balance and apply energy to specific goals that you determine. These skills apply to working with energy in all the five states. This means you can (should) use these skills in qigong routines or yoga asanas, while meditating or giving a presentation… etc.
    • Staged: The skills can be developed in stages (typically 3) to make workshops easier to deliver and attend.

The Challenge

These days matters and systems esoteric or spiritual find themselves in a quagmire of vague descriptions, contradictory and/or foreign terminology. There are problems of commercialization, over and under formalization, multiple interpretations, angles, agendas, etc., etc. To determine if this system and approach will serve your goals, Enquire Here. No harm in asking.