Taking a Year ON – An Unexpected Adventure

When my teacher announced applications are open to study with him, full-time, for a year, there was little doubt about what to do, and little time. Opportunities like this come around once in a lifetime. More about that later. My application went in on 29 December 2021. Let’s hope.

11:43 on 31 December 2021. New e-mail in my inbox; I was accepted for the training. St#ff just got real. Resignation tendered at 11:56 -because a 30 days notice is required and training starts 1 February 2022. What an end to 2021.

And, what a start to 2022
Sell and get rid of the goods and not-so-goods accumulated over the years; Get my son enrolled at university, relocated and settled; Organize the trip through the lock-down hurdles; Admin – lots of admin; Deal with the shingles -stress; Get to the airport on time.
Done. What a month!
(Big thanks to friends and family who helped, encouraged and reassured (because: BIG decision).

29 January touchdown in Guadalajara, midnight check-in and there I am. I made it – though my luggage appears to have preferred France and would stay in Paris a few extra days…

Tomorrow I meet my training partners and an unexpected adventure begins.


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