The Rasmus Approach to Bardon’s Hermetics

The approach to studying the Bardon system as developed by Mark Rasmus is just that; an approach. It does not profess to be a new system.

Esoteric systems must evolve to keep pace with the times. Without evolution their relevance declines, or they become exoteric – mere philosophy, dogma or historical curiosities with little or no practical use. Evolution speaks to how systems are taught, studied, practiced and mastered. Both the living Spirituality such systems promise, and the efficacy of their manifesting arts depend on the ability of practitioners to ‘get it’. As a result, teachers adapt how they teach a system – they develop approaches.

The intention of Marks approach is to offer a more efficient learning and development path to work through the initiation system and the disciplines that follow. Time is a precious commodity and working through Bardon’s system demands an approach suitable for the demands, limitations and realities within which students find themselves. As with any approach, this one does not resonate with everyone.

I, for the main part, use the Rasmus approach to Bardon’s system, as it was taught to me. This approach allows for the flexibility to meet specific student needs and evolve my own approach.

The approach offers an immediate development of clairsentience – the ability to sense energy.  This approach makes learning experiential – the hallmark of esoteric study, from day one. This enables students to bridge theoretical concepts to direct experience  in sensory reality – and vice versa. In turn, this empowers students without a teacher to feel for themselves if what they are doing is having the desired effect, a direct and personal bio-feedback system. From this emanates various exercises to further development, some by Bardon, some added to his curriculum.

More will be added to this page in time.