Our courses in Esoteric disciplines focus on practical application -So you can practice and benefit. True Esoteric (inner) arts imply personal experience as opposed to blind belief, dogma or philosophy. 

Designed as practical, science-based trainings with measurable milestones and outcomes, so things get  real because you can experience it.

Courses in development may have prerequisite courses. Note the ‘PATH’ requirements for courses.

The broad outline appears here with detail linked below. 

  • Energy Work (Chi Kung / Qigong)
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Hermetic Initiation 
  • Invocation
  • Kabbalah


Energy Work (Qigong)

Elastic Force Chi Kung (Qigong) is a full-spectrum energy skill development system. These energy skills can then be applied to any form of energy-based system. This course activates clairsentience (psychic energy sensitivity) to be used as the basis for all further training*.  Training is adapted for martial/sport versus healers/ spiritual development.

* Prayer and basic Meditation courses excluded.

Martial Internals (Qigong)

Prerequisite: Energy Work

Practically learn many techniques to use energy martially and learn how to develop your own methods (individuals have preferences and innate potentials). Includes  Jin, Chi (qi) and Shen energy and application. A practical course to enable students to bring the internal aspects to their (any) martial art system.


Prayer as a tool for spiritual development. Available in a Christian or Neutral framework this course prepares the student for esoteric prayer. Following a scientific approach that enables the student to work at home with metrics to measure progress, success and to develop further.

Hermetic Initiation

The doorway into esoteric development practices for Mysticism, Magic or both. Following the framework fo Franz Bardon as approached and developed by Mark Rasmus. 

Two levels, with level two available for the paths of:

  • Ascension Mysticism (Spiritual Development science) and/or;
  • Path of Service (Magic / Manifesting sciences)

Invocation Magic

A practical course in invocation of planetary light for mystical of magical skill development. Evocation is not taught online or in person until the student has mastered invocation and demonstrates Akashic skills.

Letter Kabbalah

A Practical course in Kabbalistic magic through using the invocation method. The focus lies on basic skills to enable the student to work through the later parts of Bardon’s curriculum themself.

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