Qi Gong and Working with Energy – Esoterically

While Oriental systems – like Chinese Qi Gong – are known to aficionados, I admit to being surprised to discover similar sciences across the world. They go by different names, contain varying levels of depth and focus, and serve varying functions. We will look at a few examples in the future.

For now, I have to revise my view of what energy work, or the art and science of working with energy entails. The very word ‘energy’ needs to be defined, and the use of ‘art’ and ‘science’ as well.

To be completed soon in an article.


Taking a Year ON – An Unexpected Adventure

When my teacher announced applications are open to study with him, full-time, for a year, there was little doubt about what to do, and little time. Opportunities like this come around once in a lifetime. More about that later. My application went in on 29 December 2021. Let’s hope.

11:43 on 31 December 2021. New e-mail in my inbox; I was accepted for the training. St#ff just got real. Resignation tendered at 11:56 -because a 30 days notice is required and training starts 1 February 2022. What an end to 2021.

And, what a start to 2022
Sell and get rid of the goods and not-so-goods accumulated over the years; Get my son enrolled at university, relocated and settled; Organize the trip through the lock-down hurdles; Admin – lots of admin; Deal with the shingles -stress; Get to the airport on time.
Done. What a month!
(Big thanks to friends and family who helped, encouraged and reassured (because: BIG decision).

29 January touchdown in Guadalajara, midnight check-in and there I am. I made it – though my luggage appears to have preferred France and would stay in Paris a few extra days…

Tomorrow I meet my training partners and an unexpected adventure begins.