Learn Esoteric Skills Fast through a skills-based approach.


Expanded Reality awaits you. I facilitate your development of key Esoteric SKILLS. You decide when and what to use them for. How? Through Qigong – Energy Work. Not Chinese movement forms but the skills that (should) underly them. These are the universal rules and ‘esoteric’ methods to work with Energy in Form through Consciousness.

Esoteric Skills are?

Esoteric skills are innate abilities you don’t know about, or haven’t developed yet.
Esoteric skills development indicates the awakening, identification, understanding, development and application of innate human abilities for practical application, and to do so through personal experience – not theory and belief.

Esoteric means inner, those abstract aspects of our being we cannot yet put under a microscope to study. Examples include emotions and thoughts, feelings and the mind and their abilities – known and unknown. The skills allow you to manage them deliberately to work for.

You can apply esoteric skills to virtually any human activity, For example;

  • HEALING: Reiki, Psychotherapy, Counselling, and similar Helping modalities
  • ENERGY ARTS: Qigong, Yoga, Taijiquan and other martial arts
  • SPIRITUAL: Meditation, Prayer
  • WORK: Meetings, Training, Management
  • SPORT: Golf & other Sport
  • <your goal here>.

Skills: I focus on Skills. Like balancing on your two feet is a skill, you have other limbs and organs that are not physical that can be similarly trained and deliberately used.
This includes your emotions and feelings, your mind and its many abilities, and beyond that the things termed ‘psychic’ or ‘spiritual’.

Development Approach: In the same way you learned to write letters, then words, then sentences, you can learn to develop and use these abilities you already have, lying dormant within.
Once you can balance and walk, you choose where to walk, when to walk, how fast to walk, etc. The same applies to these esoteric skills. You can heal, concentrate, meditate, control your mood, be persuasive, manifest goals, run faster, feel auras… the list is endless. But you need such abilities developed, you need the basic skills.

I teach the skills, how to develop them and how to put them together to design and master abilities.

Skills – Fast

There are surprisingly few skills to develop to access most esoteric abilities. Importantly, this need NOT take years or decades to develop. Some take only minutes or hours. Naturally you may want to hone them to mastery over time, but you will be growing from day one because you are doing it right (incorrect practice leads nowhere).

Your own pace: You learn experientially – the hallmark of esoteric training, and learn how to measure your success and how to correct or improve. This grants you autonomy. You can develop, expand skills and grow on your own – independent of teachers. this is possible because you learn HOW.

Exactly HOW: How is the key driver in my approach. How does the skills work, specifically, and in terms you can understand. This is why you can self-correct, self-improve and self-create new abilities to meet your needs. The old approach of slogging for years to be worthy of ‘secret’ techniques are redundant. When you perform and esoteric skill correctly, it works immediately, not in months or years. Once you know how, you decide when and why to use them.

Whatever your goals, I will focus on enabling basic and then advanced skills for practical application so you can get results.


What we call Qigong today is a broad term for methods to develop innate skills which, when applied, deliver results that range from beneficial and useful to magical. Qigong is translated as Energy skill or work.

Today most qigong systems focus on health and wellness. Thousands of qigong systems developed in China over thousands of years and differ in breadth, depth and scope of application. Lacking formalization what qigong is today differs from system to system and school to school. MORE

Qigong Training

I teach Qigong as Energy skill development for application in other activities. I can teach forms as well. Classes and workshops will be available in South Africa in early 2023. There will be Qigong classes in Pretoria, Johannesburg and surrounds. I travel internationally to deliver training in workshop format.

Enquire for more information.